4th of July holiday ranks deadliest for car accidents


4th of July holiday ranks deadliest for car accidents

Auto claims from an insurance company revealed that the most dangerous days for summer driving are the July 4th holiday and the three days leading up to it. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety goes further saying that over the past 10 years, the July 4th holiday has been the deadliest day for drivers. Illinois drivers, and especially the parents of teen drivers, will want to take extra precautions or avoid the roads altogether.

An officer at the company pointed to several reasons for the average increase of 7 percent over other summer holidays. Busy roads are just one reason for the uptick in car accidents. Fatigue is also a major issue for people visiting faraway relatives or vacation spots. Another problem is seen with drivers unfamiliar to an area. Checking maps and responding to texts can make for a distracted driver and the associated higher risk of a car crash.

Travelers Companies suggest that drivers can make the roads safer by addressing fatigue and distraction. Long-distance driving can be made safer by more frequent breaks. It also helps to become familiar with the route beforehand. This allows motorists to focus on the road and possibly avoid a distracted driver or other danger.

A reckless driver can ruin the holiday and even the life of the most cautious driver in Peoria, resulting in medical expenses, lost wages and worse outcomes. It is not always easy for crash reconstruction investigators to assign blame or uncover the reasons for car accidents, such as texting and driving. Victims of a negligent driver may end up suffering twice due to procedural mishaps, missed evidence or investigator misconduct. Regardless of official findings, an attorney with experience in personal injury law may be able to help gather evidence and pursue compensation in civil court.