Maximizing Settlements For Carpal Tunnel, RSD And Nerve Injuries

Strong Law Offices represents workers who have suffered the following injuries on the job, or due to workplace conditions or repetitive stress:

These types of injuries can be the result of repetitive trauma, repetitive motion or repetitive stress on the job. Before a client can receive medical treatment for a nerve injury, he or she must be accurately diagnosed. Our workers' compensation attorneys work with the treating physicians and experts in these fields to develop an understanding of each client's symptoms, the specific injury or condition and the need for medical care or treatment.

Determining The Extent Of The Injury

Diagnosis for a nerve injury may require the following diagnostic testing:

  • EMG/NCV studies
  • Bone scans
  • MRI
  • CT Scans
  • Thermograms

A functional capacity evaluation can assist doctors in rendering opinions on permanent disability, permanent work restrictions and the need for future vocational rehabilitation.

When insurance carriers dispute or deny authorization for medical care, we vigorously advocate for clients' rights to medical care. We seek the medical opinions of the treating physicians as well as those of the experts to determine if there is a relationship between the condition and need for medical treatment. If so, we proceed with seeking workers' comp benefits on behalf of an injured client.

Contact A Workers' Compensation Attorney

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