Medical Benefits In Workers' Comp Claims

People who are injured on the job are not typically familiar with the different types of medical benefits available. In order to make certain your rights are protected, you should seek help from a law firm that has a proven track record at fighting for lifetime medical benefits for work-related injury.

At Strong Law Offices, we have been helping injured workers for years. We will stand up and protect your rights.

Our firm handles workers' comp claims in Illinois and represents all types of workers facing all types of injuries. The depth and breadth in our knowledge and experience can be found at few firms in the area. We are exclusively focused on representing the injured worker and never advocate for the insurance company or employers. We fight for employees' right to access to quality medical care.

Medical Benefits In Workers' Comp Claims In Illinois

In a workers' compensation claim, medical benefits include everything from access to care, choice in physician, permanent total disability benefits, lifetime medical benefits and other rights you are entitled to if you have been injured in a workplace accident. Illinois has seen progressive changes in the law over the past several years, so it is important to work with an attorney who stays up to date with the laws and understands how the changes will affect your claim.

Insurance carriers deny, delay and dispute legitimate medical care for work-related injuries. Access to quality medical care for a work injury is essential for curing the medical condition. Insurance carriers and some employers steer employees to "company doctors" or company medical clinics.

Injured employees have the legal right to choose the doctor whom they feel will best treat the injury. Company doctors do not always have their patients' best interest as their No. 1 priority. These clinics are beholden to the insurance carriers for their payment. Insurance carriers pay company clinics to keep the medical costs down and to provide only minimal medical care.

Up-to-Date On Changes In The Law: Medical Fee Schedules

At Strong Law Offices, we make it a priority to stay current with legislative changes in Illinois. We have an in-depth knowledge of the law and know how specific changes that are happening will affect the strategies that we decide to pursue. We are committed to educating our clients about the legal process and will not let your questions go unanswered.

In 2005, the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act was modified to include a medical fee schedule. Essentially, the medical fee schedule is designed to cap the amount of money medical providers can charge for various medical services. The original intent of the medical fee schedule was to provide cost control or containment for employers.

However, medical fee schedules are developed in conjunction with insurance coding and insurance providers. Insurance providers have designed very complex procedures to deal with reimbursement rates of medical providers. This is seen both in the workers' compensation arena as well as private insurance plans. It is another reason why keeping track of medical expenses and billing is a very important aspect in the handling of your workers' compensation claim.

Keeping Track Of Medical Billing

Strong Law Offices works with our clients to obtain detailed medical billing statements. Medical billing statements include the use of forms, such as HCFA forms and UB-04 forms. These are specific billing statements that insurance carriers require that include intricate billing codes that are necessary for the insurance company in order to process payment to the health care provider for which you are seeking medical care or treatment.

To be in compliance with these billing forms, as mandated by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, you must ensure that your health care provider has the capability to provide the necessary billing statements in the proper form so that the bills will be processed and you are not in jeopardy of being left with remaining medical bills that went unpaid after the workers' compensation claim has ended.

You should ask your medical providers to provide you with itemized medical billing statements, UB-40 forms, and HCFA forms. Provide these forms to Strong Law Offices so that we can assist you in processing medical expenses causally related to your work accident.

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