Autonomous trucks and trucking industry changes


Autonomous trucks and trucking industry changes

Illinois drivers may be interested to know about the information released by the American Transportation Research Institute regarding autonomous trucks. According to the report, autonomous trucks will transform the trucking industry by initiating significant regulation reform, producing a new workforce, and improving safety and efficiency. Because automated trucks require human operators, truck drivers will also still have job security.

However, there are still obstacles to making autonomous technology a standard in the trucking industry. One of the most significant difficulties is having the infrastructure upgraded. For instance, there would need to be smoother highways, more enhanced signage and better highway-to-vehicle communication technology. ATRI states that the enhancements would have to be provided by the public sector.

Additional issues that must be addressed before automated trucks can be widely used include those regarding maintaining the truck and cyber-security. State and local laws would also need to come into an agreement so that there are not any disparities between laws. Furthermore, regulatory authorities and the courts would have to address issues regarding liability and crashes.

ATRI states that autonomous trucks could reduce driver fatigue and allow regulators to give drivers more leeway regarding on-duty restrictions. Weekly limits for driving and on-duty hours could be amended as well.

A personal injury attorney may assist a victim of a car accident with obtaining the financial compensation needed to offset expenses incurred from the crash. A victim could pursue remuneration for hospital expenses, property damage, current and future lost wages, and more depending on the facts. If a commercial vehicle was involved, the transportation company that owned the truck could also be held liable in some cases.