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Workplace Accidents Archives

Importance of thorough and consistent medical history

As an injured person, it is extremely import to provide the medical providers with an accurate, thorough and consistent history of accident. The first point of medical treatment after an accident is crucial. The Judges, Attorneys and Insurance Companies pay great weight to the history contained within the first note of medical treatment. A common mistake that people tend to do, is after an injury when they go to the Emergency Room, Prompt Care or to their Primary Care Doctor is they deny trauma. Most people perceive trauma as a catastrophic event. However, medical providers mean any accident big or small when they use the word trauma. If you are injured and are asked if you were involved and/or experienced a recent trauma, make sure to answer yes.

What Is An "intervening Accident "

Often a Petitioner is injured on the job while working. Everything is going smoothly as the insurance company is paying for the medical treatment for the injury; then the worker is involved in another accident or incident and the insurance company stops paying for the medical treatment. The insurance company alleges that the new accident or incident is an intervening accident and, as such, they are no longer responsible for any additional medical treatment.

Why it is important to examine your insurance policy prior to an automobile accident

Many people have seen the commercials on TV that indicate obtaining state mandated insurance through some unknown company or advertisements for SR-22 Insurance. Many people on the road today are traveling down the road with this type of insurance which we generally refer to as 'sub-standard' insurance. The state minimum requirement for liability at-fault insurance is currently $25,000.00 per person and $50,000.00 per total accident. What this means is that if you are injured by the negligence of someone else, that the other driver must carry at least $25,000.00 for injury to 1 person and $50,000.00 of insurance for injury to as many people that are in the vehicle or vehicles. This type of insurance coverage is mandated by state law.

Coal miner killed in workplace accident

A man was involved in a recent mining accident that claimed his life. The 20-year-old Marion man was in an M-Class Mine in Macedonia, and the accident occurred on a recent Tuesday night in December. In Illinois, when workers are killed due to their involvement in a workplace accident, their dependents are typically entitled to submit a claim for workers' compensation death benefits.

What is a 'permit space'? part 3

We are circling back to finish our discussion of safety rules for confined spaces. As we said in our Oct. 10 post, confined spaces are inherently dangerous, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration warns employers to take the appropriate safeguards for their workers. A permit-required space, however, is one that poses a greater risk to the worker, a serious risk of entrapment or incapacitation, injury or death. If a worker cannot leave the space quickly in an emergency, that is a permit space.

Two explosions heard 'round the world and a little closer to home

In the past two weeks, two warehouse sites in China, both storing chemicals, have exploded. More than 120 people, including 67 firefighters, were killed, and hundreds were injured. While the government investigates the blasts, authorities are also dealing with accusations of corruption and graft. In both cases, it seems, the warehouses violated safety regulations: They were too close to residential areas, in one case too close by half.

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