Businesses may be liable for patrons’ injuries


Businesses may be liable for patrons’ injuries

Business owners in Illinois are responsible for keeping their premises safe for customers, employees and anyone else who visits. When guests at an unsafe business location get injured, the owner could face premises liability claims. Due to the nature of most commercial leases, commercial landlords are usually not liable for customers’ injuries on the premises.

A person who is injured while visiting a supermarket, department store, hotel or other kinds of commercial property can file a premises liability claim as long as they can prove that their injuries were related to a hazardous condition on the property. The injured victim must also be able to show that the business owner was negligent for failing to correct the dangerous condition.

Visitors at commercial locations are often injured in slip-and-fall accidents. If an injured person wants to pursue compensation after a slip-and-fall accident, they must show that the accident was caused by a dangerous property condition, not their own carelessness. Some examples of a dangerous condition that would make a business owner liable for injuries include an excessively cluttered shopping aisle, slippery floor, damaged staircase or icy outdoor walkway.

A business owner who is facing a premises liability lawsuit from an injured customer might argue that they were unaware of the hazardous condition on their property. An attorney might help the plaintiff argue that the business owner is still guilty of negligence because they should have been aware of the dangerous conditions. The owner may be found liable for guests’ injuries if the plaintiff can prove that a reasonable person would have anticipated the possibility of guests being injured.