Can you sue after an outdoor accident on ice?


Can you sue after an outdoor accident on ice?

When you were walking into a local business, the last thing you expected was for a patch of ice to lead to a fall. The rest of the walkway was clear, so you didn’t even think you’d have to worry about it. Unfortunately, there was a shadow cast on part of the walkway in front of the business you were visiting. Now, you’ve fallen and gotten hurt.

You’re not sure if you should let the business owner know about the fall since it was on the ice. Isn’t that a natural occurrence? Wasn’t it your fault that you fell? Legally speaking, it could be the business owner’s obligation to help you financially.

A business owner has a responsibility to its customers

If you are walking onto the business’s property and slip on ice, it’s the reality that the business owner should have known about the conditions outside their doors. Even if all the other ice melted away, the owner should have laid down salt or placed a warning to let you know that ice could still be present.

Business owners can’t knowingly have hazards on their property that will harm consumers. Even though this happened outside, the business owner had a responsibility to keep their walkways clear of hazards or to let those approaching know to be cautious.

Owners of businesses should take responsibility for hazardous conditions and do all they can to prevent them. If they don’t, then you are in a good position to seek compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered along with any financial losses you’ve accrued.