Car manufacturer adds extra software to pass emissions testing in U.S.


Car manufacturer adds extra software to pass emissions testing in U.S.

It is being alleged that the Volkswagen Audi Group, a German car manufacturer, purposefully and intentionally modified some of the computer codes in some of their diesel automobiles in order to comply with and pass the United States and European Union emissions regulations and guidelines. The car manufacturer admitted publicly that they added additional software to the cars in order to make the cars falsely pass emissions testing. Without this modified software it is believed that the vehicles in question produce as much as 40X as much pollution as Volkswagen had indicated that they did.

Volkswagen is currently looking for an engineering solution to resolve this issue however, as of right now no solution has been forthcoming which will resolve all of the issues that it has come up with. One would think that the reason that they created this “cheater” software to begin with is that they could not work out an engineering solution to the problem that they were having with emissions initially and had to create the “cheater” software in order to get the vehicles past the initial testing and to get the cars to market as soon as possible.

As a result of Volkswagens alleged deception and outright dishonesty, they have now left thousands of customers who were incredibly loyal to the company potentially out in the cold. These parties who have purchased these diesel vehicles have not been given any information about how, when or if their vehicles will continue to be able to be driven or whether they will be able to be fixed in the future to comply with environmental guidelines in their geographic area.

According to US Federal Law, the EPA can fine Volkswagen up to $37,500.00 for each vehicle that does not comply with emission standards. However, this fine does not take into account the damage that would be done to the consumers and purchasers of these vehicles who bought these vehicles in reliance on Volkswagens assertions that they were so-called “clean diesels” and that they provided significant fuel mileage improvements over their gas-burning counterparts. It is currently speculated that, if these diesel vehicles are able to be fixed, that any fix that will be proposed will result in significantly less gas mileage than initially marketed by Volkswagen and may require the vehicle to undergo extensive retro-fitting to allow for the engineering fix to be placed on the vehicle. It is unknown at this time, what, if any of these potential solutions, will work or will not work.

Given this uncertainty, it is very important that you stay on top of the current developments with regard to the Volkswagens emissions scandal or hire an attorney such as STRONG LAW OFFICES to keep an eye on this for you and to keep you advised as to the day to day and month to month updates associated with this.