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At Strong Law Offices, we represent both union and nonunion members who have been injured on the job.


Our firm has helped people who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including:


Workers in the painting and carpentry industry can be subject to almost any type of injury. Painters frequently work from heights and carpenters frequently use work equipment that could cause injuries ranging from strains to loss of a finger.

Our Illinois carpenter accident attorneys have a proven track record handling workers' comp claims and will use all available resources to help maximize your settlement.

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When You Have Been Injured, Get Strong — We Are On Your Side

Compensation for Carpenters Injured While Working

Injuries incurred while on the job can present a tremendous amount of strain and stress on an individual. If you are unable to return to work, you will have difficulty paying bills, supporting your family and getting onto a path to recovery without benefits. The insurance company will not be on your side throughout this process, but the lawyers at Strong Law Offices will.

Strong Law Offices represents injured workers throughout Central Illinois. We take an aggressive stance against insurance companies and fight for our clients. We know the law and have helped thousands of injured workers obtain the benefits they deserve.