CVSA releases data about road check campaign


CVSA releases data about road check campaign

Federal trucking regulations are in place to make certain that people in Illinois and across the nation face reduced risks of involvement in truck accidents. When truck drivers and trucking companies violate the rules, they risk the lives of others. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts an annual international road check campaign in order to catch violators.

The CVSA released data from the event on Oct. 20. The three-day campaign took place in June, and 62,796 truck inspections were completed. The CVSA found that 21.5 percent of the large trucks were placed out of service. Most of the violations were for brakes at 45.7 percent. Other violations included tires at 18.5 percent, lights at 11.8 percent and improperly secured cargo at 6.1 percent. A total of 9,080 trucks were placed out of service.

More than 1,400 drivers were placed out of service as well. The main driver violation was for hours of service at 46.8 percent. Falsifying log books accounted for 16.1 percent. Other driver violations included drugs and alcohol at 1 percent, improper endorsements at 7.7 percent and disqualified drivers at 6.2 percent.

Big rig crashes can take place for a variety of reasons. Negligent truck maintenance, truck drivers who are on the road for more hours than they allowed to by federal law and are thus drowsy, drivers who are distracted by a cellphone and those who get behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol are all potential causes. A person in another vehicle who has been injured in such an accident may want to meet with a personal injury attorney to determine the party or parties that should bear financial responsibility for medical expenses and other losses.