Disfigurement changes lives, but it’s possible to start again


Disfigurement changes lives, but it’s possible to start again

Living with a disfigurement is not easy, especially when it’s your face. When you were involved in a car crash, your airbags didn’t deploy. You didn’t think there would be any negative consequences, but what happened was that the bones in your face were shattered. Your face had to be rebuilt.

Even though your disfigurement isn’t shocking to people who know you, you know that it can hurt your chances of getting jobs or interacting with new people. You’re at a loss for what to do, other than continuing to go through surgeries to repair the damage.

Living with disfigurement

There are some horrible misconceptions about people with disfigurements that you may come across. Some may believe that you’re not intelligent or that you’re scared. Facial disfigurements are a phobia of many people. How can you get past it?

Consider reaching out to the local community. Sometimes, getting your accident recognized and your voice heard is the bridge needed for people to see you as a person and not as your injury. Take advantage of support groups and be aware that your medical team will help you in any way that they can when reintroducing you to society.

Sometimes, people can hide disfigurements through special facial tattoos, makeup or prosthetics, which is a consideration if you have damage to your skin or certain portions of your face. It’s something a plastic surgeon or dermatologist may be able to help you with, especially if it could be a part of a reconstructive surgery.

In accidents like yours, it can be hard to adjust to a new way of life. Many people who suffer disfigurement develop depression and anxiety, much of it social in nature. Survivors of severe crashes need to take advantage of psychologist consultations, therapies and other services that can help them learn to cope. Living with a disfigurement is a new way of life, but it doesn’t mean the end of a life.

It should remain the liable party’s responsibility to cover your lost wages, lost future wages, medical care and other needs. Facial damage can require many surgeries and ongoing treatment, so it’s important that anyone with this condition has a fair settlement for what they’ve been through. This life-long condition does change people, but with the right supports, you can build a new, confident life in the future and get back to who you are inside.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn about your legal options.