Don’t Wait to Seek Treatment


Don’t Wait to Seek Treatment

For the average individual involved in an automobile accident, there are undoubtedly a million things rapidly spinning through your mind immediately following the collision. The last thing is usually “how can I bolster my lawsuit.” Unless an individual is catastrophically injured such as sustaining broken bones or an impact that results in loss of consciousness, enough adrenaline is usually pumping through your bloodstream, which helps you to deal with the emergency, to get you through the next couple of days. Consequently, you may not feel any pain immediately. Furthermore, many soft-tissue injuries such as neck or low-back strains, may not begin to show symptoms for days, even weeks, following your accident.

For some individuals, even if the pain does present itself within a relatively short period of time, waiting it out seems to be the practical thing to do. Busy lives mean busy schedules, with very little free time throughout the day to sometimes even grab a bite for lunch, much less for a doctor’s appointment or a 2-3 week course of physical therapy. As such, too often a month or two has passed after the accident, but the annoying pains haven’t.

These situations are an insurance adjustor’s dream claim. This scenario gives them an automatic defense. The first thing we hear from them is “no medical treatment was sought for two months, anything could’ve caused that pain from then till now! We’re not responsible!”

In everyday life, it is very common to not seek treatment for every pain that we experience. Litigation, however, is different. If you are the victim in a motor vehicle accident, or any other personal injury accident such as falling on someone’s property or even being injured at work, time is of the essence and no pain should be ignored or go untreated. Keep in mind your audience, who, in a personal injury claim, will ultimately be the jury (although most cases settle!). If too long a time has passed from your accident until you first seek treatment, they will be left to speculate as to what else may have happened to you in that time frame. Not only that, but they will be convinced by the at-fault party’s attorney that if you didn’t seek medical treatment right away, you couldn’t have been injured.

Bottom line, if you have been injured in any kind of accident and someone else should be held responsible for paying your medical bills, make some time in your schedule and see your doctor. Doing so will certainly protect your potential claim and make it worth your while in the long run!