Factors leading to truck crashes


Factors leading to truck crashes

Motorists who travel daily on Illinois’ freeways are probably aware of the dangers of driving near large commercial semitrailers. Just one wrong move by an 18-wheeler traveling at high speeds and a catastrophic multi-car crash could occur.

Because of the enormous weight and size of their trucks, commercial semitrailer drivers must undergo full training to learn how to drive defensively. They are also required to learn about safety issues and special driving techniques. Poorly or inadequately trained commercial truck drivers can pose a danger to other motorists whenever they operate a truck on congested roadways.

Another factor leading to commercial truck accidents is the heavy demands the trucking industry places on their drivers. Because many trucking companies have strict delivery deadlines that must be met, truckers may compromise safety by traveling at high rates of speed in order to meet them. They might also be inclined to drive more consecutive hours than is allowed.

Those who drive large commercial trucks for a living may sacrifice safety in order to get to their destination. Therefore, the chances of an accident increase when truck drivers speed or drive carelessly. Further, truck drivers who spend too many consecutive hours behind the wheel may become drowsy, which could put them and other motorists at risk if the trucker dozes and loses control of their truck.

Truck accidents can leave victims with catastrophic injuries. As a result, they may be unable to return to their jobs. To help offset their crash-related losses, truck accident victims might consider filing a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation if it can be demonstrated by their attorneys that the accident was the result of truck driver negligence.

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