Federal recall of hoverboard brand follows 2 child deaths


Federal recall of hoverboard brand follows 2 child deaths

Almost everyone who was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s dreamed of one day cruising around the hoverboards from Back to the Future II. Many companies decided to capitalize on the concept’s popularity by manufacturing versions of a similar device. These hoverboards, which have wheels, have been incredibly popular.

Unfortunately, they have also proven to be very dangerous. Many innocent consumers have been severely injured as a result of faulty parts, as manufacturers took shortcuts in their safety testing in hopes of getting products to the market faster and more cheaply.

Several fires in the past years have led to serious injuries and major recalls of hoverboards across a number of brands. In most cases, the affected brands had parts that weren’t adequately tested and verified by a third-party organization for safety.

There have been recalls of at least 11 brands of hoverboards, resulting in the return of more than half a million of these devices. Those who have suffered injuries due to a hoverboard should speak with experienced product liability and personal injury attorney about their legal options. A civil lawsuit could help in the recovery of financial losses.

2 children died in Pennsylvania due to a hoverboard fire

On March 10, 2017, a hoverboard that was charging in a home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, caught fire. A 3-year-old girl died early in the morning after the fire. She was the first fatality in the United States associated with hoverboards. Her 10-year-old sister died on Thursday, March 16, after succumbing to her injuries from the fire.

Their devastated family will not suffer less simply because the United States and the company that made this defective device have now initiated a recall. Although a recall could prevent future tragedies, it does little to hold corner-cutting companies accountable.

In many cases, the only way to change a company’s approach to safety testing and compliance is through financial penalties. Families who have lost loved ones suffered burns or had their homes damaged by hoverboards with faulty parts should consider speaking with an attorney and filing a lawsuit. Not only will a victory in a lawsuit help the family rebuild and recover from their loss, but it will also show the company responsible that cutting corners when it comes to safety can cost much more in the long term.

An attorney can help you recover and protect future consumers

While no amount of compensation can bring back the lives lost to one of these devices, lawsuits can help prevent future tragedies. The companies that did not perform adequate safety testing should be held financially responsible for the damages their negligence caused.

If your family experienced a fire caused by a faulty hoverboard, regardless of whether it was recalled or not, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your legal options.