Fidget spinners: Are they toys or hazards for children?


Fidget spinners: Are they toys or hazards for children?

Children see toys and other items on ads and are usually willing and ready to jump on the latest fad. While many fads are pretty harmless, there are fads every now and then that are actually dangerous.

One of the newest crazes, fidget spinners, might not seem like that they are dangerous, but stories coming out lately show that this might not be the case. In fact, from the look of things, it seems like these seemingly innocent toys might be very dangerous.

Two hospitalized children

So far, the stories of two children who were harmed while using the fidget spinner toys have come out. Both of the children had to receive emergency medical care. One of the children had to have surgery.

The issue that occurred is that one component of the fidget spinner became dislodged from the toys and the child swallowed the component. The bearings on each of the three tips of the spinner were the component that caused the issue in both of these cases.

Problem with some spinners after repeated use

While some people report that they haven’t had any issues with the fidget spinners, the issue seems to come up when the device has been used a lot. This is especially common with some of the fidget spinners that are cheaply made.

The bushing on three tips are held in place by the frame of the spinner. When the frame or the bushings wear out, they might come loose from the fidget spinner, which makes this item a choking hazard for the children playing with them.

Appropriate age and maturity are necessary

Some argue that the fidget spinners are being marketed to children who are too young for the devices. While it is true that these devices might not have a suggested age, many of the more reputable brands do have an age range listed on them. But each child’s parents should decide whether the child is mature enough for the spinner. In some cases, parents should monitor children who have fidget spinners.

Parents can take legal action

When a child is harmed by a product that is marketed to children, the parents can take legal action seeking to recover compensation. This could include the child’s medical expenses, the parent’s missed wages due to caring for the child, and other economic and noneconomic losses. Speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine your best course of action.