Fireworks recall shadows Fourth of July celebrations


Fireworks recall shadows Fourth of July celebrations

In America, celebrating the 4th of July typically requires parades, barbecue cooking and, of course, fireworks. Whether you’re taking your family to a massive municipal display or you buy your own for a smaller show at home, fireworks are a big part of how many people celebrate the 4th of July.

There’s something so eye-catching and awe-inspiring about these brilliant, colorful and controlled explosions. Of course, most people know that fireworks come with some risk. People who ignite huge displays often have special training and insurance. Home fireworks are typically smaller.

Even those smaller tubes can result in serious burns, disfigurement, even lost extremities or death. Most people know to handle these powerful show-stoppers with care. Unfortunately, there are some situations where injuries could happen, even with proper care. Faulty fireworks, improperly made by the manufacturer, are one such scenario. Unfortunately for the citizens of Illinois who enjoy home fireworks displays, it’s possible that they may have purchased fireworks that have gotten recalled due to a serious manufacturing error.

TNT brand recalls more than 36,000 fireworks

TNT Brand fireworks are sold by major retailers, including Walmart and Kroger. Unfortunately, some of the fireworks sold by these and other retailers may be defective. For example, the product called Red White and Blue Ammo Smoke could explode unexpectedly. When lit, these fireworks are supposed to give off billowing clouds of colorful smoke, but instead, they are exploding. Three people have already fallen victim to these explosions, resulting in burns. The company has issued a recall of the products in Illinois, Ohio, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

The product is easily identified. It is labeled with the brand name, TNT, and carries the UPC number 027736036561 along with the words “Red, White & Blue Smoke.” Consumers are being warned not to light these smoke fireworks and instead call the company or visit their website to receive a refund.

Recalls protect companies, not consumers

With the recall posted late in the week before the 4th of July, there is a real risk that children or adults could sustain serious injuries and burns as a result of these faulty products. While a recall means retailers have pulled them from the shelves and informed consumers know to return the items, others may not realize the issue until its too late. If children are the ones who purchased or stored these fireworks, adults may not realize they have some of the affected fireworks.

Consumers who sustain injuries because of a faulty product may be eligible for compensation for their financial losses and pain and suffering. In this case, no reports have indicated that there have been severe injuries, only minor burns. The potential for great bodily harm exists, however, reminding all consumers to be careful with purchasing exploding or burning items. It’s sad, but all too common, for items targeted at children do pose a real risk.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a defective product, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.