Help is available if you’re injured in an Illinois slip and fall


Help is available if you’re injured in an Illinois slip and fall

Imagine this: You’re new to Illinois and have been invited to a holiday party by an acquaintance. You’re happy to go and perhaps gain a new circle of friends.

Until you walk in and fall to the floor a few feet inside the door.

You’re hurt. The ambulance is called.

Well, the property owner could be held liable for your medical expenses, especially if they didn’t take the precautions to keep all the guests safe or correct a problem they knew existed.

There are several ways you can be injured on someone else’s property. Here are few:

  1. Slippery floors. It’s reasonable to expect property owners will wax or mop their floors. But it becomes a problem for the owners if they, for example, use too much wax or polish, apply it unevenly (such as waxing one part and not another part so that the change in conditions causes someone to slip), wax a sloping part of the floor; or fail to put up caution signs when water is known to be present, such as when guests trudge in snow on their boots.
  2. Improperly maintained floor coverings. People can slip easily on a carpet that is torn, worn or bulging, or on rugs or mats with edges that are curling up or have worn spots.
  3. Stairs. Often, stairs can wear out from use through the years, such as becoming rounded instead of level from continued wear and tear. Property owners also have a responsibility to keep the stairs free from debris, such as wrappers, paper and dirt. Again, too much wax or the failure to provide a non-skid surface on wood floors can cause a fall, as can a handrail that is broken.

If you are injured in a slip and fall, you will accrue medical expenses and lost wages, along with a degree of pain and suffering. An attorney experienced in working with slip and fall incidents can provide an evaluation of your case as you seek to recoup what you’ve lost.