How can you prove a distracted driver caused a car accident?


How can you prove a distracted driver caused a car accident?

Those who have suffered injuries in a car accident know what they were doing when the crash occurred. While these victims may have an idea that the other driver was distracted (e.g. driving while texting) at the time, they may not be able to prove it without legal assistance. Police reports can help, but again, the proof is a requirement when seeking to establish that negligence caused your motor vehicle crash.

This is where investigation comes into play. The technology available in the modern world can help car accident victims prove that distracted driving led to their crash and their injuries. If you have ever wondered how the authorities prove distracted driving, this blog post can answer some of your questions.

In a criminal case involving distraction-related car accidents, prosecutors rely on several resources to prove their case. Fortunately, these resources are also available to personal injury attorneys as well. There are several ways lawyers and investigators find facts that can help prove distracted driving caused the crash.

  • Hiring experts to recreate the car accident
  • Using a forensic analyst to examine the other driver’s mobile devices
  • Acquiring cell phone records to determine if the other motorist’s phone was in use at the time of the accident
  • Finding witnesses who can testify about what they saw
  • Acquiring additional expert witnesses (mechanical engineers, investigators, etc.) when necessary

The evidence above along with expert testimony is a reliable way to prove distracted driving led to a victim’s injuries. This can go a long way in helping Illinois car accident victims get the compensation they need to recover physically as well as financially.