How to make clubs and bars safer in Illinois


How to make clubs and bars safer in Illinois

The June shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando was another reminder that clubs and bars need to address security vulnerabilities. While it may be possible to avoid getting hurt or even take down an active shooter by running or fighting back, the goal is to prevent chaos if possible. For instance, adding metal detectors at entrances may make it harder for anyone to get a gun inside.

Another issue that bars and clubs need to consider is that they close at a late hour. Closing in the early morning hours can be dangerous because those inside and others in the surrounding area may be drunk or still consuming alcohol. Staff members may be too tired to be as vigilant regarding security threats as they may have otherwise been at the beginning of their shifts.

Those who provide security training for clubs say that it could also be worthwhile to turn the music off if a fight or shooting occurs. Combined with modern and enhanced training courses, it may be enough to minimize the number of lives lost in such an incident. Ideally, that is the goal that any club or bar should have if a shooting or other violent event takes place.

Those who are injured as a result of inadequate security in a public venue often face the need for expensive and lengthy medical care and treatment, during which period they are unable to earn a living. In some cases, the owner of the club or bar could be found to be financially responsible for a victim’s losses through a premises liability lawsuit filed with the assistance of an attorney predicated on a breach of the duty to keep customers safe.