Illinois’ Deadliest And Least Deadly Driving Counties


Illinois’ Deadliest And Least Deadly Driving Counties

When it comes to driving, what are the most dangerous counties in Illinois? What are the safest? The answers to these questions may surprise you.

Auto Insurance Center, is a website operated by several insurance companies. This industry group has gathered statistics concerning fatal traffic accidents from every county in the U.S. over the last 20 years.

Its most recent analysis shows that overall, Illinois ranks as one of the safer states in the country. In fact, in terms of fatal accidents, it is safer than all of the states bordering Illinois. Over the 20-year period studied, Illinois had 17.86 fatal accidents per 10,000 people. This compares to Indiana with 24.06 fatal accidents, Wisconsin with 22.17, Iowa with 24.48, Missouri with 30.86, and Kentucky with 34.28 fatal accidents per 10,000 people.

However, the statistics from our state mask wide differences between counties. Washington County in southern Illinois ranks as the most dangerous county, with .0072 fatal accidents per capita. That translates to 72 fatal accidents over the 20-year period per 10,000 people. Considering the fact that the 2010 census showed Washington County had a total population of only 14, 716 people, that is truly a remarkable number of fatal accidents.

In contrast, central Illinois has some of the safest counties in Illinois:

Fatal Accidents per Capita Fatal Accidents per 10,000 People
Peoria County .0020 20
Knox County .0020 20
Champaign County .0017 17
Tazewell County .0017 17
McLean County .0016 16

And the safest county in Illinois? That would be Dupage County, with a fatal accident rate of .0009 per capita, or 9 fatal accidents per 10,000 people. Interestingly, Cook County had a very low fatal accident rate at .0013 per capita, and all of the other counties in the Chicago metro area had similarly low fatal accident rates.