Illinois woman killed by allegedly drunk, distracted driver


Illinois woman killed by allegedly drunk, distracted driver

A 38-year-old woman from Mattoon, Illinois, was killed recently in the community when the car she was driving was hit by another car when the driver failed to stop at an intersection.

The accident occurred on southbound Loxa Road at Illinois Route 316 when a 56-year-old man from Terre Haute, Indiana, didn’t stop and hit the woman who was traveling eastbound, according to the Coles County sheriff’s office.

Law enforcement officials added that the man was impaired and distracted at the time. He was cited for using an electronic communication device, drunk driving, disobeying a stop sign and failing to reduce speed.

The state’s attorney said a decision had not yet been made on additional charges, pending police reports.

The man was hospitalized in good condition.

The sheriff said that the intersection should be reviewed by the Illinois Department of Transportation (DOT) to see what can be done to make the road safer. That intersection has been the subject of discussion before because of prior crashes, he said.

A study was done about eight years ago when Loxa Road became used as a truck route and the Illinois DOT didn’t see a need for changes at that time. Things could be different now, however.

According to the woman’s obituary, she is survived by a husband and two children. A separate fundraiser has been arranged for her children’s education fund.

Her family will need support to pay for immediate expenses, such as the cost of her funeral, as well as long-term expenses, such as her kids’ education. This was a tragic accident that could have been prevented. An attorney experienced in traffic cases can fight for her family’s rights as they focus on moving on without her.