Importance of thorough and consistent medical history


Importance of thorough and consistent medical history

As an injured person, it is extremely important to provide the medical providers with an accurate, thorough and consistent history of the accident. The first point of medical treatment after an accident is crucial. The Judges, Attorneys, and Insurance Companies pay great weight to the history contained within the first note of medical treatment. A common mistake that people tend to do, is after an injury when they go to the Emergency Room, Prompt Care or to their Primary Care Doctor is they deny trauma. Most people perceive trauma as a catastrophic event. However, medical providers mean any accident big or small when they use the word trauma. If you are injured and are asked if you were involved and/or experienced a recent trauma, make sure to answer yes.

After the accident, make sure to give the medical provider as many details of the accident and your injury/injuries as possible. If you are involved in a car accident, make sure to tell your medical provider as to the speed the accident occurred at, the part of the other vehicle that struck the vehicle that you were in, the damage to your vehicle, how your body reacted after the impact, if you hit anything inside your vehicle, if your airbags deployed, your body parts that are hurting, the kind of pain that you are experiencing. This is not an exclusive list, provide as many details as you can.

Similarly, if you are involved in a work accident, make sure you tell the medical provider as to how it happened. If this is a lifting injury, make sure to tell them how much you were lifting. If you fell make sure to tell what part of your body hit the ground. Tell them how your body reacted at the time of the accident. Did you twist, turn or felt a pop. While medical providers usually will ask you these questions, it is important to provide details even if not asked so. A lot of times the Emergency Room due to the heavy volume of patients that they see do not document a thorough history. Further, doctors who don’t routinely treat patients with injuries tend to not ask details the accident.

After the first point of treatment, continue to provide the medical providers with a consistent history of accident and your injuries. If your pain has changed after the first point of treatment, make sure to immediately notify the provider about the new pain.

Some cases boil down to medical records and what is contained within them. If you are injured, make sure to seek medical attention right away. Provide medical providers with accurate, thorough and consistent history. If you are hurting after the initial treatment, make sure to follow up. Gaps in medical treatment can become troublesome to your case. Usually, after an accident people are unsure as to what they need to be doing. If you don’t know your rights and are getting the run around from the insurance company, then contact Strong Law offices. At Strong Law Offices, we guide our clients throughout the process. Please call us for a free consultation.