Injured boat worker awarded record settlement


Injured boat worker awarded record settlement

An injured boat worker was recently awarded a record-setting $7.5 million settlement in a Jones Act lawsuit that had been filed on his behalf. The worker was severely injured when an air tank in the engine room exploded, throwing the worker into the air and causing him to land on his head injuring his spine. The boat had been docked while undergoing repairs and restoration.

The lawsuit alleged that the air tank that exploded was being operated without a proper pressure relief valve. These allegations were confirmed by the investigations of the US Coast Guard, OSHA, as well as the Illinois Boiler Inspector. To make matters worse, the injured worker had been instructed to operate the air tank on “manual” meaning that pressure was allowed to build-up with no relief similar to blowing up a balloon until it explodes.

The worker suffered partial paralysis and other serious impairments due to the explosion which will require him to have assistance with walking and daily activities for the rest of his life. Not to mention the painstaking physical and occupational therapy that he will need to gain back even a little bit of the life he had before.

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