International Roadcheck to take place in June


International Roadcheck to take place in June

From June 5 to June 7, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will hold its International Roadcheck for 2018. This year, the event will focus on hours-of-service compliance for truckers in Illinois and throughout the country and Canada According to the president of the CVSA, hours-of-service violations were the most common reason why trucks were taken out of service in 2017. The emphasis on hour-of-service violations comes as the Department of Transportation implements its electronic logging mandate.

In previous years, an average of 15 trucks or buses were inspected each minute during the International Roadcheck. In 2017, 15,000 trucks were taken out of service, and there were more than 63,000 inspections during the 2017 event. Of out-of-service orders given, 3,000 were related to driver violations. The other 12,000 were related to vehicle violations. It is expected that most inspections this year will be of the Level I variety, which checks for both vehicle and driver violations.

While a driver may feel capable of driving while tired, truck driver fatigue could increase the risk of that person getting into an accident. If a driver was too tired to operate a motor vehicle at the time of a crash, it could be considered a negligent act on his or her part. In some cases, the driver’s employer may be found to have been negligent in allowing that person to drive.

Anyone who is injured in such an accident may be entitled to compensation for their losses. As part of a compensation package, an injured victim could receive money for lost wages and lost future earnings as well as medical expenses.