Investigating a Slip-and-Fall Accident

When investigating a potential premises liability or slip-and-fall accident, Strong Law Offices looks at and speaks to potential clients for detailed information. It is very important that our lawyers develop a thorough understanding of exactly how, when, and where the slip-and-fall or premises liability accident may have occurred.

There are many questions that a potential claimant will be expected to answer by a premises owner or management company responsible for the maintenance of a claim. Insurance carriers request detailed information. The following is a series of questions that are very typical in the investigation of a slip-and-fall and/or premises liability claim:

  1. Where did you fall?

  2. When did you fall?

  3. How did you fall?

  4. How did you land and which body parts were injured?

  5. On whose property did you fall?

  6. What is the exact location of the fall?

  7. Were you able to obtain pictures of the fall?

  8. What are the names and addresses of any witnesses to your fall?

  9. What were the lighting conditions where you fell?

  10. What do you feel the owner of the property or the persons responsible for the management and/or upkeep of the property did, or failed to do, which proximately caused you to fall?

  11. Please describe how you feel the owner or the premises manager or store owner was responsible for your fall.

  12. Please give the names of the owner and/or manager of the premises who had notice of the condition that caused you to fall.

  13. Please describe the exact nature of the condition that caused you to fall.

  14. What kind of shoes were you wearing?

  15. Were you carrying anything? If so, what?

  16. Where was your attention focused and/or concentrated?

  17. Please describe how you feel this fall could have been prevented.

  18. Please give any other relevant information you feel is important that our firm should know or understand regarding the circumstances of your premises liability and personal injury.

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