Judge dismisses fall case against Food 4 Less


Judge dismisses fall case against Food 4 Less

If you slip and fall on another party’s property, there is a chance that you can sue. However, you need to be able to show that the property was not maintained or that the collection of ice, snow or water was unnatural. You also have to prove that the defendant knew about the conditions that led to your injuries and did nothing about them.

In most cases, it’s relatively easy to prove that the owner of a property knew about issues with dangerous stairs or slick walkways because there are witnesses and others who can testify that they informed the owner. Sometimes, the owner will even admit that they knew that a stair was broken or that water had accumulated unnaturally on part of a property.

You may not win a case, though, if you can’t prove that the owner knew about the issue or that the issue wasn’t being addressed. For example, a woman in Chicago attempted to sue a Chicago Food 4 Less when she slipped and fell due to accumulated ice and snow. The problem was that the woman who filed the claim couldn’t show that the ice and snow accumulated due to unnatural or hazardous conditions that the owner could have prevented. Additionally, she couldn’t make a complaint about negligent hiring of snow removal services since there is almost no way to completely remove ice and snow.

If you fall, be sure that you can show that there were hazardous conditions that the owner should have prevented and known about. If you can do that, you’ll be in a better position to make your claim than the person in the above story.