Helping People Who Need Lifetime Medical Benefits

  • Have you suffered a permanent disability due a workplace accident?

  • Are you unable to return to work even though you have gone through vocational rehabilitation?


If so, you may be entitled to lifetime medical benefits through workers' compensation. If these benefits are granted, you will be entitled to receive medical care for the rest of your life. To determine whether these benefits are available to you, speak to a lawyer from the Strong Law Offices.

Seeking Lifetime Benefits

At Strong Law Offices, we represent clients in workers' compensation claims throughout Central Illinois, including those who need lifetime medical benefits.

We will work closely with you to evaluate your options and help you make the best decision based on your goals. Lifetime benefits do not depend on the insurance company's settlement offer. We regularly take clients' workers' compensation claims to arbitration to obtain lifetime medical benefits for them. Lifetime benefits under workers' compensation will provide you with up to two-thirds of your regular weekly income. Let us help maximize the amount of workers' compensation benefits that are available to you.

Should I Accept a Lump-Sum Settlement?

We will look at the nature of your injury, and help you determine whether you want to accept a lump-sum settlement or seek lifetime benefits. If your injury is one that will keep reoccurring, you may want to consider applying for lifetime benefits. If not, you may want to take a lump-sum cash settlement and return to work when you can.

Contact an Attorney

For dedicated representation in all workers' compensation claims, including claims for lifetime medical benefits, contact Strong Law Offices in Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington or Decatur for a free initial consultation. We serve clients throughout Central Illinois and in northern Illinois locations such as Joliet, LaSalle and Kankakee.

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