NHTSA data reveals the most dangerous states for drivers


NHTSA data reveals the most dangerous states for drivers

Unpredictable weather conditions and heavy traffic congestion can sometimes make driving in Illinois hazardous, but Texas and Louisiana have the nation’s most dangerous roads according to a report from an auto insurance comparison website that was compiled using 2015 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Other states where motorists may be wise to remain especially vigilant include Arizona, Montana, Alabama, South Carolina and Nevada.

Road users in Texas were in the most danger according to the NHTSA data. It was the only state where drivers were among the worst in the country for failing to obey traffic signals, driving drunk, speeding and careless driving. Texas also ranked in the top five for crash deaths for every 100 million miles of road travel. The director of its transportation department reported that one or more persons have died on the state’s roads every day for 16 consecutive years.

Road traffic accidents remain a leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States, and the number of Americans killed on the nation’s roads surged by 7.2 percent to 35,092 in 2015 from the prior year after falling steadily for decades. Road safety experts say that drivers can best reduce their chances of being killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident by fastening their seat belts, observing posted speed limits and not getting behind the wheel after drinking or when fatigued.

Accident data shows that the vast majority of fatal crashes involve some kind of driver error, and negligent behavior such as drunk or distracted driving is often to blame. The victims of reckless drivers are often injured so badly that they are unable to work for protracted periods, and this can cause them serious financial distress. Personal injury attorneys may bear this in mind when pursuing civil litigation on their behalf, and they could seek damages for lost wages in addition to compensation for medical bills and other expenses.