In choosing a personal injury lawyer, you want to look for these attributes:

  • A lawyer bold enough to ask for the maximum settlement

  • A lawyer with a track record of significant wins

  • A lawyer who communicates well with you — good "chemistry"

We believe Strong Law Offices meets these requirements for every case we take.

Compensation and Justice for Victims of Negligence

A Law Firm Focused on Personal Injury

Maximizing settlements is key to our approach. We are not timid about seeking compensation for you.

Aggressive, Experienced Peoria Accident Injury Attorneys

The lawyers on our team are friendly with clients, but are aggressive with insurance companies and opposing lawyers. We are there to represent you, not be friendly with other attorneys. This is one reason why we win.

Springfield Premises Liability Attorneys and Malpractice Lawyers

For a detailed list of these injuries and how we intend to win for you, follow the links.

When You Have Been Injured, Get Strong — We Are On Your Side
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