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Achieving a beneficial outcome after a car crash


serious car crash can potentially occur at any time, so Illinois motorists may want to know the steps to take following an accident when another driver is at fault. Filing a lawsuit may be an option in some situations, and in most cases, the steps taken immediately after a car wreck could help an affected motorist achieve the most beneficial outcome possible.

First, emergency responders should be summoned if any drivers or passengers are injured. If no one is hurt and it is safe to do so, the wrecked vehicles should be moved off the roadway, away from oncoming traffic.

As much information as possible should then be collected at the scene, including the other driver's name, address and telephone number, the driver's insurer and policy number, witness statements and contact information, and photographs of the scene. Moving forward, it may be helpful to have photo documentation in hand of the other car's license plate and any damage sustained by the involved vehicles.

Under ideal circumstances, at-fault drivers will report crashes to their insurance companies as required. However, it is possible that they will prove uncooperative. The steps outlined above could help drivers protect their best interests in the event that the at-fault party leaves the scene of the crash, fails to report it or provides a contradictory account of the series of events to insurers or to police. Drivers may also want to report the accident to their own insurance companies as a proactive, good-faith measure.

Following a car accident, some Illinois drivers may find it necessary to sue another party's insurer in order to collect financial compensation for a loss. A personal injury attorney could present the appropriate legal options to clients dependent upon the facts of each individual case.

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