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Auto accidents happen closer than most drivers think

When Illinois drivers plan to go on long road trips, they tend to prepare for the dangers of foreign roads. According to accident statistics, however, most crashes and collisions tend to take place just 25 miles from home. It so happens that drivers who do not venture far from their homes are more likely to fall into behavioral patterns that are not conducive to road traffic safety; in other words, drivers tend to get too relaxed within their own communities.

The "muscle memory" that comes from repetition and motor skills is more predominant when drivers are close to home. On the other hand, deductive reasoning and heightened state of alert is more likely to be triggered when drivers venture beyond 25 miles from their homes. When they are within their own neighborhoods, drivers tend to fall into a comfort zone that may prompt them to leave their safety belts unbuckled or engage in dangerous practices such as texting and driving.

Safety experts stress that the most important things drivers can do are stay alert and buckle up no matter how far away they are from home. It's also important to note that the highest percentage of fatal crashes happen between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Car accidents caused by distracted drivers can happen anywhere. However, it is easy to assume that drivers going on longer trips will be more likely to activate the text-to-speech features and virtual assistants on their smartphones. Even when motorists take necessary safety precautions, crashes can still occur. A lawyer could help an accident victim hold the liable parties financially responsible for damages.

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