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Business survey shows unaddressed slip and fall risks

The biggest threat to worker safety in Peoria could be slip and fall accidents. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed same-level slips, opposed to slips on inclined walkways or steps, as the primary culprit of workplace injury. Of course, the same areas posing extreme risks for an employee injury can also cause a customer injury. A New Pig survey found that a large part of the problem is lack of risk awareness.

Most property managers understand that entrances are common areas for slip and fallaccidents. They use floor mats in these locations to increase traction, but the survey found that the majority of businesses and other organizations go on to ignore nine other high-risk areas. Making matters worse from a liability standpoint, the survey specifically noted that some respondents failed to place floor mats even after falls on customer walkways.

The results also show that failure to place traction mats can be just as bad as not keeping a close eye on them. Should they bunch or shift against the surface, mats can turn into a hazard. Floor mats were reported as a cause of worker and customer injuries among a minority of organizations responding to the survey.

Customers who suffer injuries due to hazardous conditions out of their control may find themselves facing a number of negative outcomes. These can include long-term pain, the need for specialized care and financial hardship due to lost wages and medical expenses. It is not always easy to prove that a negligent property owner is liable for these damages. Victims may benefit from the assistance of an Illinois attorney who can assess the owner's response to hazardous conditions, track damages and press a premises liability claim to recover compensation.

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