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Child deaths from car accidents vary across the U.S.

On behalf of Strong Law Offices posted in car accidents on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Illinois residents who are concerned about child fatalities in traffic accidents might be interested in the results of a new study. The research, conducted by Harvard and UT Southwestern Medical Center, found that while 16 percent of children involved in car crashes from the years 2010 to 2014 died. However, the rate fluctuated in different regions of the country.

In the four-year period covered by the study, 2,885 children died in car crashes. Of that number, 1,550 children were killed in the South, 585 in the Midwest, 561 in the West and 189 in the Northeast. Mississippi had the highest child mortality rate at 3.23 per 100,000 children, and Massachusetts had the lowest one with 0.25 fatalities per 100,000 children. 19 percent of the children killed during this period lived in the Midwest.

Researchers also looked at state regulations and laws as well as geography when analyzing the data. They explained that regulations and laws, the consistent enforcement of them and the correct use of restraints were all factors in the number of child fatalities in car accidents. The researchers found that if correct restraint usage increased by just 10 percent, 230 child deaths a year would be prevented. The study suggested that weak regulations should be also be revised. Finally, researchers pointed out that van and minivans had fewer fatalities than other vehicle types.

Though compensation for the loss of a child cannot be measured, the surviving family members of children killed in accidents might choose to file claims to recover damages incurred in such tragedies. They might consult with lawyers that are knowledgeable about the personal injury laws and regulations within the state. Experienced attorneys might be able to help them complete, file and gather the necessary evidence necessary for filing claims. Lawyers might also explain the types of compensation available if the claim is successful.

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