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Common factors in car accidents

Drivers in Illinois might be curious about the causes of car accidents and how to avoid them. While it is impossible to completely prevent all accidents, there are certain factors that drivers can be aware of to attempt to avoid incidents.

Drowsy driving is a major cause of car accidents. This concerns many safety experts because most people are not very good judges of their own sleepiness. To make matters more complicated, microsleep, where people's brains shut down for a short interval, is also very dangerous. According to some surveys, 37 percent of drivers admit to having fallen asleep while driving at some point during their lives, 11 percent during the last year and 4 percent during the last month.

Losing control of a vehicle, whether from driving aggressively or taking a turn too fast, also plays a role in many accidents. Furthermore, rolling on a right turn at a red light has been linked to 6 percent of pedestrian fatalities. In many cases, drivers will only slow down to turn right, look left to make sure there are no other vehicles coming and then then encounter a pedestrian when they look back and go. Reaction times are often too-short to prevent a pedestrian injury in such cases.

Knowing the common causes of car accidents can help drivers prevent and avoid accidents. However, residents who become victims of car accidents might want to pursue compensation for their losses. A personal injury attorney could help a victim recover damages for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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