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Crane accident kills 1 worker in construction accident

A construction accident involving a crane that took the life of one worker took place recently. The construction accident occurred out of state on a recent Wednesday morning in January. When construction workers in Illinois are killed at work, their dependents are entitled to file for workers' compensation death benefits.

The out-of-state construction crew was in the process of setting cement walls. A crane that was involved in the work fell over, effectively taking out a wall that had already been set, the fire department's captain said. A worker in his 20s was crushed under the collapsed wall.

Another crane was brought in so that the collapsed cement wall could be lifted off the victim. Officials managed to withdraw the body from the site of the accident around 12 p.m. OSHA was on the scene, conducting an investigation into the incident. There was no more information that stated anyone else was injured in the incident.

The workers' compensation program in the state of Illinois aims to  provide death benefits to individuals who were related to a deceased worker -- for example, a spouse, child, parent, or sibling -- and who were also financially dependent on him or her. The main purpose of the benefit is to help compensate dependents for the loss of financial support. This compensation is also often used to help lessen the brunt of some of the end-of-life expenses that are typically incurred by a decedent's family, including medical bills and burial costs. It is typical to consult an experienced workers' compensation attorney to assist with this process when a fatal construction accident has occurred.

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