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The Shocking Truth About Earbuds

Updated: Jul 15

Earbuds look like a harmless way to enjoy music, but the truth could be the opposite. There is growing evidence that this breakthrough technology is an electrocution danger.

Earbuds Can Cause a Shock

Even Apple acknowledges that users could receive a small shock from using its earbuds. Notwithstanding that admission, Apple reassures the general public that there is no risk from its product. Of course, Apple makes billions of dollars, having sold 60 million Air Pods in 2019 alone.

Around the time that Apple acknowledged the risk, an earbud user posted on Facebook that she was shocked while listening to music. She says that she suffered a shock in her mouth that resulted in swollen lips and a metallic taste. There have been other reports of serious injuries when a user listened to music while the phone was charging.

Apple is not the only earbud maker that has potential issues with its products. In 2019, the Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled "Happy Plugs" wireless headphones. The specific issue was that they overheated, elevating the risk that users could be burned.

Here, the direct exposure of a device using electricity so close to the ear causes risks. First, the buds could crack, directly exposing the electrical working to someone's skin. Second, they could emit small amounts of electricity. While this may not be enough to cause a fatality, it could result in an injury.

Headphones Can Be More Dangerous

Headphone users have an even higher risk of injury. While it is uncommon, headphones could cause static electric discharge. This is enough to result in a minor shock. The real problem is AC power discharge. There have been reports over the years that the shock is strong enough to cause fatalities. The risk is magnified even more when the user is wet or barefoot. While there have not yet been reports of severe injuries associated with earbuds, they are still a newer product with much more to be learned.

Users who have been injured by earbuds could consider filing a product liability lawsuit against the maker to prove that they were defective or unreasonably dangerous. A personal injury lawyer could investigate the claims and file a claim against the company for damages.

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