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Drugs at the center of recalls cause undue harm to patients

The news of drug recalls hitting the market seem to have become a very common occurrence. These defective drugs can sometimes cause  considerable harm to the patients who count on the drugs to help manage medical conditions.

While not all drug recalls are life-threatening, many are. Two recent drug recalls fall into the life-threatening category because these drugs are rescue drugs that can help patients survive temporarily to buy them time to get medical care.

GlaxoSmithKline recalls Ventolin

Ventolin, a drug used by asthmatics to try to prevent asthma attacks or reduce the severity of an attack, has been recalled. The inhaler isn't providing a full dosage of the medication. This is due to a problem with the propellant that is used when the medication is dispensed. This could mean that not enough of the rescue medication is provided to stave off a life-threatening problem before they can get to the hospital.

Mylan NV recalls generic Lipitor and generic EpiPen

Mylan NV recalled generic versions of Lipitor and the EpiPen. Both of these drugs are crucially important for the patients who count on them. While patients who take this version of Lipitor can switch to products manufactured by other drug companies, the patients who count on the generic version of the EpiPen don't really have anywhere else to turn.

In the case of the generic version of the EpiPen, the problem is that there isn't any epinephrine provided when the patient tries to use the auto-injector. This leaves a person who is in the midst of an allergic reaction at risk of death because the drug that can counteract the reaction isn't given.

Bacterial contamination is the issue that led to the recall of the atorvastatin, or generic Lipitor. For patients with weakened immune systems because of other medical concerns, trying to fight off these newly introduced bacterium can be difficult.

Taking action is essential

These drug makers have taken steps to warn the public and correct the issues. Still, some of these drugs do harm patients. This can happen before the recall is issued or it might occur if the person isn't alerted to the potential problem.

If you have been harmed by a drug, whether it has been recalled or not, you might choose to take legal action. The compensation you receive can help you  pay for the medical care and other expenses you have incurred. You should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer concerning your legal options.

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