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Highlighting the issue of drunk driving

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A person is killed once every 50 minutes on an Illinois roadway or elsewhere in America because of an impaired driver. In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving, December has been named National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The goal is to recognize that impaired driving is not a smart option and that people can choose not to do so.

Over 10,000 people were killed in 2016 because of crashes caused by alcohol-impaired driving. Although there are fewer drunk driving fatalities than there were several decades ago, it represented 28 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2016. In 2012, 4.2 million Americans said that they had driven at least once in the previous 30 days while impaired by alcohol. It is important to remember that driving after having a single drink can be dangerous.

Advanced technology as well as ride-sharing services may make it possible to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the roadways. Friends and family members may be able to curb drunk or impaired driving by taking the keys from those who have had too much to drink. Communities may be able to keep roads safer by educating everyone about the potential dangers of driving while drunk or impaired.

Those who are struck by a drunk driver may be able to seek compensation for medical bills and other damages. This may also be true of individuals who are passengers in cars involved in an accident. An attorney may use chemical test results, witness statements or police reports from the accident in an effort to show that negligence caused the crash. Some cases may be settled out of court in lieu of a formal trial.

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