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How do defective drugs affect patients?

Imagine taking your medications as you're meant to every day. You take the time to go to the pharmacy for refills and to see your doctor to get the medications you need. Suddenly, the medications you take don't seem to be working. You're in more pain than usual, and you have symptoms of withdrawal.

What's happening? Have you become dependent on the medication? You're not sure, so you go to the pharmacy to ask and be sure you have the right dosage. That's when you're told there's been a recall, because some medications weren't inserted into their pills. As a result, you've been taking placebos.

What should you do if you're a victim of a drug error?

Drug recalls like this are important for patients to know about, since there's a risk that they could suffer injuries as a result. In your case, you had withdrawal symptoms and days of suffering you didn't need to go through, all because your medications weren't in a dosage you were expecting. The mistake could have been made by the manufacturer or the dispensing pharmacist. A different type of medication error occurs when the drug itself has unintended side effects, or when a doctor has prescribed an inappropriate drug.

This is a serious problem and something that needs to be addressed. Not only did you pay for a drug that was not given to you, your life could have been at serious risk since you weren't getting the medications you needed.

If you're a victim, make sure you go to the pharmacist quickly as well as your attorney. You need to move fast to find out which manufacturer made the batch of medication you took. Sometimes, several manufacturers make the same drugs, so if you don't find out which one made yours, you could end up with no one to file a claim against.

Your attorney can help you fight for compensation from the manufacturer once you know who it was. Keep evidence of the empty pills and recall, so you have proof of your claim.

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