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Increased visibility leads to fewer crashes

Although drivers in Illinois and other states may be unaware of the correlation, studies show that increased visibility results in lower motor vehicle crash rates. Costing drivers very little additional expense, regular daytime headlight usage could significantly reduce the number of catastrophic injuries and fatalities that occur on roadways across the nation. The research has caught the attention of some lawmakers who favor legislation that would require drivers to use their headlights at all times.

Data collected following the implementation of such laws in a number of European countries appear to support this argument. In Canada, multiple vehicle collisions have reportedly been reduced by 11 percent since the new law went into effect. In Denmark, left-turn-related incidents are believed to have been reduced by more than 37 percent while the number of multiple vehicle crashes has also been lowered.

In the U.S., no mandate exists for the production of vehicles with permanent daytime running lights. They are included as a standard feature on only 27 percent of the vehicles in production in 2017, and it could take years to create change through car manufacturers alone. For these reasons, some officials believe that the creation of new laws may be the most effective way to encourage all drivers to use their headlights during the day.

Illinois drivers who are aware of the connection between daytime headlight usage and lower crash rates might choose to use their headlights all the time in order to reduce their chances of becoming involved in a serious collision. In spite of their best efforts, some motorists may still suffer injuries in car crashes caused by another driver's negligence. In these situations, an attorney who is practiced in personal injury law could help car accident victims pursue the financial compensation to which they may be entitled.

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