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Staying Safe on Memorial Day Weekend

Updated: Jul 15

With everyone taking to the road for a getaway, Americans must pay extra attention to safety on Memorial Day weekend. Motorists must drive defensively given the sheer number of drivers on the road and their tendency to act dangerously behind the wheel.

The Most Dangerous Holiday

Statistics show that more accidents happen on Memorial Day weekend than on any other holiday. The increased traffic makes roadways much more congested and gives drivers less space. For every beach vacation, there is a long drive jockeying for space with the thousands of other motorists all trying to reach the same destination. Some of these drivers may get aggressive, either due to a time crunch or their own frustration with the traffic.

Drivers celebrating the start of the summer could be intoxicated. Every year, roughly one-third of Memorial Day weekend fatalities are alcohol-related. In addition, motorists could drive long stretches to reach their destination, resulting in fatigued driving. The accident rates increase as the day stretches on as almost half of fatal traffic accidents happen in the overnight hours.

Safe Habits to Stay Alive

While drivers cannot control the actions of other motorists, they can take extra steps to be safe themselves. They should be cautious on the road and not take their own chances. The most important requirements are to be alert and avoid anything that could take away focus. This demands enough rest before driving and putting down the phone while behind the wheel. Drivers need to be extra vigilant on Memorial Day weekend because of others' unsafe habits.

Every year, safety groups make an annual plea to drivers for safe habits. At the same time, local law enforcement agencies run their own enforcement and awareness campaigns for driver safety. Some motorists heed these warnings while others ignore them or never hear them in the first place. No matter what safe drivers do behind the wheel, they could end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The result is an annual onslaught of Memorial Day weekend accidents and people who do not survive to see the summer. Families have a right to financial compensation when they lose a loved one or someone suffers serious injuries in an accident.

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