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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Springfield, Illinois

Updated: Oct 18

The most dangerous intersections in Springfield, Illinois include the intersections at Wabash Avenue and Veterans Parkway, Dirksen Parkway and Sangamon Avenue, Veterans Parkway and Old Jacksonville, Veterans and Lindbergh Boulevard, and Lawrence Avenue and South MacArthur Boulevard. Springfield Police named them the intersections that saw the most accidents in 2020.

Contributing Factors to Crashes at Dangerous Intersections

Reasons for accidents vary from one intersection to another. Nevertheless, some of the common causes seen by personal injury lawyers include:

  • Failing to lower speed

  • Disobeying traffic control devices

  • Failing to yield

Heavy Traffic Volumes

The Wabash Avenue-Veterans Parkway and Dirksen Parkway-Sangamon Avenue intersections had 61 and 55 crash reports respectively in 2020, making them the top two intersections with the most accidents. Both intersections have high traffic volumes. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) says that the Wabash Avenue-Veterans Parkway intersection has an average daily traffic of 52,600 vehicles.

Dirksen Parkway sees about 20,000 vehicles, and Sangamon Avenue also sees around 20,000 vehicles on an average day. The Sangamon Avenue and Dirksen intersection lack sufficient capacity to handle the heavy flow of traffic and is a historically hazardous intersection. There have been calls for improvements to this intersection in the past.

In a local analysis of the most dangerous Springfield intersections based on data from IDOT, the Dirksen Parkway-Sangamon Avenue intersection was ranked as the most hazardous intersection. Its weighted crash score, which was based on the severity of the accidents that occurred from 2005 to 2009, was double the score of the second-placed intersection.

What Is Getting Done to Fix the Dangerous Intersections?

IDOT recently completed some construction on the Wabash and Veterans intersection to improve it. The agency is also seeking to expand the Dirksen Parkway-Sangamon Avenue intersection. One way the agency is looking to expand the intersection’s capacity is through the addition of dual left-turn lanes. The dual left-turn lanes are meant to help move vehicles through the intersection, particularly during rush hour.

The project on Dirksen Parkway and Sangamon Avenue is part of the $20.7 billion Rebuild Illinois plan. This multi-year plan also includes improving bridges and other roads, such as widening Wabash Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard with the bike and pedestrian lanes.

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