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The Importance of Retaining an Expert

In many cases where an individual is injured as the result of the negligence of another, it is important when you are bringing such a claim that you or your attorney evaluate the need of retaining an expert opinion to address any specific issue that might arise during that claim. Expert retention can be needed for a variety of issues for the purposes of prosecuting an injury claim. Experts are often times hired to address the issue of liability when it comes to products liability cases for example.

Experts are hired to review medical records to establish whether or not a medical doctor, provider or hospital or facility has in fact committed medical malpractice. Experts are hired for purposes of establishing damages as to whether or not medical treatment is appropriate and needed and related to an accident or an injury. Experts are hired to evaluate and identify specific damages such as a vocational expert or an economist or an accountant to establish lost wages in the past, present and future. Hiring an expert can be very costly and it is very important that you understand the process and the resources available to proceed with this. My office has had the opportunity to retain and hire many experts for all of the above reasons and more. My office has many resources that we can go to to find and locate an expert for any particular issue that we may have. We have also developed our own internal network of potential experts that we can go to to get involved in the case for any of the above reasons. There are national resources that we can use should we need to obtain a more detailed or specific expert for a very specific reason or evaluation. We do not want to hire an expert unless we absolutely feel it is necessary to better prosecute the claim on behalf of our client because of the costs that are involved. Once you obtain an expert for a civil litigation case for example, the expert will become exposed to any past dealings that they may have had with our office. The expert will be exposed to their actual knowledge and expertise in the area and there will be many additional costs that will incur in terms of the experts testimony for both discovery purposes and for trial purposes. There are times that we as the attorney have to meet with the expert to discuss their testimony and discuss their findings, conclusions and their potential testimony. It is very important for an individual who has a claim that requires expert retention to understand the process and to understand the resources that are available and to be able to use those to the best of your ability in order to properly prosecute an injury claim. My office has had a great deal of experience in expert retention and using the resources that are available and using the process properly in order to obtain the best possible testimony that we can for our clients. If you have been injured in an accident where there can be potential disputes as to liability or there are disputes as to the need of medical treatment or the damages that you have incurred, please contact my office so that we may properly evaluate your claim and let you know whether or not expert retention may be required to provide the best possible evidence to a judge or a jury.

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