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Getting treatment after a workplace injury will seem like a difficult process if you are unable to see the physician of your choosing. Recent changes in the law have made it more difficult for injured workers to get access to care. The lawyers at Strong Law Offices know how these changes will affect a claim and are here to provide guidance.

The PPP network is a device that employers and insurance carriers can use to direct, control or limit medical care sought by the injured worker. If the employer elects to set up such a PPP network, the injured worker has to be very knowledgeable about how to navigate around this obstacle. Choice of care under these networks is limited but not eliminated. If the injured worker fails to opt out of the PPP properly and seek medical care in the appropriate chosen chain of referral, the worker can be personally responsible for medical bills incurred. If your employer has set up a PPP network, it is strongly encouraged to obtain quality legal advice as to your legal rights as to PPP networks.

Our Illinois attorneys have years of experience in workers' compensation law. Our practice is focused on representing the injured worker, never representing the insurance company or the employer. We are dedicated to our clients and will work to maximize the available benefits for your claim.

Preferred Provider Program Networks in Workers' Comp Cases

PPP (preferred provider program) networks are a new option that is available for employers to establish. This means that employers can select a group of doctors, surgeons and hospitals to provide for employees in advance of a workplace accident. If you (the employee) select the PPP network, then your employer can control all aspects of your medical care. This gives your employer much more power in a workers' comp case.

PPP networks should be avoided by the injured worker. However, care must be exercised when opting out of a PPP network. If done improperly, the injured worker can be personally responsible for medical bills incurred by health care providers outside of the one remaining chain of referral. This is a complicated area and should not be navigated alone without quality legal advice from an attorney experienced in workers' compensation claims.

There are opt-out provisions that are available for employees to choose. Once you have filed written notice, you can be taken off the PPP network plan. As an injured employee, you have the right to choose your own physician and be seen by a doctor of your choosing. Choosing to opt-out of the PPP will be in your best interests to ensure unbiased quality medical providers.

Only a skilled lawyer can handle legal issues that arise with PPP networks and workers' comp cases. At Strong Law Offices, we stay up to date with changes that affect Illinois workers' comp claims and know how to implement an effective strategy when representing our clients. There are many legal requirements through the Illinois Department of Insurance for an employer or insurance carrier to set up a PPP network. We will investigate any and all PPP networks on behalf of our clients to test whether the PPP network has been properly set up by the employer or insurance carrier.

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