Importance of Providing Consistent History of Injury to Health Care Providers

Medical histories contained in medical records are a very important piece of evidence to corroborate and substantiate an injured employee's workers' compensation claim. It is very important for the injured worker, while in the course of treatment, to provide a clear, concise and consistent history of work-related injuries to each and every medical provider from whom he or she receives medical treatment.

Fact finders, such as insurance adjusters, arbitrators, commissioners or defense attorneys, obtain and look at medical records to determine or ascertain whether or not the injured worker has provided a consistent medical history to the various medical providers from whom he or she has sought treatment.

Outside parties are looking at the consistency of the medical histories to reflect on the injured worker's personal credibility in his or her workers' compensation case. Consistent histories contained in medical records over the course of seeking medical treatment tend to corroborate that the injured worker has sustained a legitimate work-related injury. It is, therefore, extremely important that the injured worker take care in providing a detailed, consistent and concise history of a work injury to the medical provider.

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