Recall of popular insulin pen highlights defective product risks


Recall of popular insulin pen highlights defective product risks

When you rely on medication to keep your body healthy and functioning properly, any mistake can become a serious issue. Diabetes is a chronic, potentially life-threatening medical condition that requires regular monitoring, medical care, and prescribed mediation.

To maintain healthy digestion and prevent a build-up of sugars in the bloodstream, testing and insulin are often both necessary. Now, a major company is recalling a popular insulin pen because it may not function properly.

Drug and medical device recalls happening all the time. Sometimes, the issue is that a particular medication has unexpected side effects. Other times, a device may not work as intended, resulting in medical events or complications for patients. When a medical company discovers an issue with a drug or a device, they should take immediate steps to recall the product to protect consumers.

The issue with the Novo Nordisk insulin pens

Many people use the popular brand Novo Nordisk for their insulin delivery. The company makes pens, which administer injectable insulin in a controlled manner. Unfortunately for some patients, NovoPen Echo® pen has potentially faulty cartridge holders, especially if they have been exposed to certain chemicals. The issue that results is that less of the dose of insulin than is necessary may get delivered. That can leave those who are dependent on insulin for health under-medicated and at risk of complications.

The pen is the NovoPen Echo® from batches that have been delivered to pharmacies and wholesalers. Those who believe that their pens are defective could receive replacement cartridge holders.

Patients depend on accurate dosing devices

For many people who depend on medications or medical devices for their health and well-being, small issues like a faulty cartridge holder could have serious implications. For those who weren’t aware of the issue with these pens, their diabetes and blood sugar could end up uncontrolled, resulting in secondary complications.

Sometimes, companies find issues with their devices and drugs quickly. Other times, many people may end up sick, injured or even dead as a result of a manufacturing mistake or other issues. Consumers should be able to trust that medications are correctly dosed as labeled and that medical devices were designed and manufactured to withstand normal levels of wear and tear.

When medical devices or drugs don’t work properly, consumers and patients are the ones who end up paying the price for a company’s mistakes. In some cases, medical product recalls can result in surgery, hospitalization or other significant expenses for the patient. You shouldn’t have to absorb those financial losses because of a company’s mistake. Holding the producers of medications and medical devices responsible for their mistakes is the best way to protect yourself and other consumers.

If you have suffered harm caused by a defective product, speak with an experienced attorney to learn about your legal options.