Changes in the Law: Repetitive Trauma Claims

Repetitive trauma claims remain compensable in the state of Illinois. It is still possible to bring a repetitive trauma claim even though the political climate surrounding these claims has become much more difficult since the 2011 changes to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. The law of causation remains the same.

Specifically, the injured worker bears the burden of proof to establish that his or her job duties constituted a causative factor to the physical condition sought by the injured worker to be compensable. In other words, you must be able to provide strong evidence that your job caused, at least in part, your repetitive injuries.

You can bring a workers' compensation claim for repetitive trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome, myofascial damage, tendinitis and disc herniation. The experienced Illinois workers' compensation lawyers at Strong Law Offices can help. Call us for a free consultation at 1-800-234-0090.

Developing Your Repetitive Trauma Case

Strong Law Offices strives to develop a thorough understanding of the nature and extent of our clients' job duties. Our attorneys take the time to interview the worker and obtain information about his or her specific job duties. We also ask the injured worker to document, in writing, the nature and extent of his or her job duties and describe, in as great of detail as possible, the specific nature of the job duties that cause him or her to experience pain, numbness, tingling or other medical symptoms.

Oftentimes, we provide the documentation to medical physicians, treating physicians or medical health experts to assist our office in obtaining medical opinions. These opinions help us determine whether or not there exists a causal connection between the job duties and the condition for which our clients are seeking compensation under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act.

What You Can Do

We encourage our clients to make certain they discuss the nature of their job duties with their health care providers. Specifically, we ask our clients to identify and notify their medical providers of the job duties they feel caused or aggravated their conditions and/or symptoms.

Developing this evidence is essential to bringing a successful claim for repetitive trauma injuries in the state of Illinois.

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