Report looks at construction industry accidents


Report looks at construction industry accidents

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ recently released workplace injury report found that construction workers were among those most at risk of being injured on the job. The report, which speaks to statistics from 2014, says that construction workers are among a group of six occupations where the rate of injury and illness is more than 300 per 10,000 workers. Construction workers came in at 309.7 per 10,000.

Although a wide variety of injuries can occur on a construction site, the most common are sprains, strains and tears, which make up a majority of the injuries recorded, as well as fractures. These and other injuries resulted in construction workers missing over 22,000 days of work last year.

Interestingly, some other findings mentioned in the report highlight important facts that construction companies could potentially use to address the high rate of injuries. Among these findings are that: most construction injuries involve men who have been on the job for between one and five years; most of the injuries were also found to have taken place on a Monday, and most of the injuries occurred between two and four hours on the job.

For a construction employer, having accurate records of when, how and among whom injuries are occurring can become an important way to address workplace injury. Such knowledge can also allow workers to take the necessary steps to help avoid workplace accidents. In cases where an employer turns a blind eye to obvious safety issues, of course, injured workers should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to have their case review and to determine their options for compensation.