Securing cargo the focus of truck inspection blitz


Securing cargo the focus of truck inspection blitz

Between June 6-8, according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the International Roadcheck inspection blitz will be looking at commercial trucks from Illinois and throughout the country with a focus on cargo securement. These will be North American Standard Level I inspections. These are the most thorough inspections available, and they examine both the truck and the driver. While cargo securement is already a part of them, the hope is that the additional emphasis will bring truck drivers’ attention to its importance.

The CVSA has also released a list of tips for greater security that drivers can use. It suggests inspecting tie-downs for damage and ensuring that cargo is secured.

These are the kinds of violations related to cargo that the inspection will be looking for as well. Worn-out, damaged or insufficient tie-downs or cargo and equipment that are improperly secured are all potential hazards.

Truck accidents may be particularly severe when cargo is unsecured or simply because of the size of the truck and its capacity for causing damage. Smaller vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and others might be seriously injured in such an accident. The truck driver may be at fault in some cases. For example, the driver could be fatigued or might be driving under the influence. In other cases, some equipment on the truck may have malfunctioned. However, the insurance company might still offer too little compensation to the injured individual. The injured person might want to file a lawsuit against the driver and the trucking company or another responsible party, such as a manufacturer of faulty equipment.