Stopped at intersection, Illinois family hit by car


Stopped at intersection, Illinois family hit by car

When you think about traffic accidents, you probably think about a situation in which someone is on a busy roadway or speeding on the highway. You likely don’t sit in your car while stopped at a rural intersection, worried about your life.

A family in rural Illinois probably wasn’t thinking that they were in danger either before their lives were changed forever. News sources report that a father, mother and their teen daughter were sitting in their Ford truck, stopped at an intersection when they were rear-ended by another vehicle.

Today, the teen survives, but she is without her parents. The rear-end collision took the lives of the mom and dad when the crash resulted in a serious fire. People at the scene of the accident were able to get the teen out of the car but couldn’t get to the parents in time.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch doesn’t indicate whether charges have been filed against the driver who hit the back of the family’s truck. He was also seriously injured. Authorities have to investigate the accident scene and reports from the parties involved, as well as any witnesses.

This crash was severe and left the surviving teen with severe loss. She is not the only one who was injured in the accident; another vehicle was also involved wherein others were hurt. A personal injury lawyer can discuss legal options with the victims and how suing the liable driver might benefit them, perhaps once physical recovery and mourning have stabilized.